Music Choice

I am pretty sure everyone has a workout playlist choice. Personally, mine depends on what kind of workout I am doing. My warm-up playlist is exactly 15 minutes long; it motivates me to know how many songs I have left until I get off that god awful elliptical. (As we get to know each other, you will learn how much I loathe ‘traditional’ cardio). But every once in awhile I like to switch up the songs on my playlist. I recently decided to add Adele, thinking her songs aren’t too long and some of her ballets are motivational. Wrong! Wrong! When the beat dropped and she belts out the high note, guess what, I belted out ,”Never mind, I’ll find someone like you!” And you can’t tell me I’m not hitting every note! Never doing that again! Well, at least not for workouts in the gym.


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