Wrap ‘Em Up!

I hesitated writing this post, I do not want to start any trouble; so please do not shoot the messenger! For a few months the topic of body wraps has surface many of my conversations. I see many women distributing and participating in these wrap parties. A new and innovated ways to become healthier AND a new detox?? Sign me up! Though I must say I was a tad bit skeptic, I knew wrapping my body up with plastic wrap just didn’t make any common sense. But I kept seeing people’s results. Losing inches in one session!! So, I’m like okay Robbin, maybe there is something to this. So as a future fitness professional I did my research. What I came up with is what my gut was telling me all along. It’s a complete waste of my time and money (a lot of $$$ at that). Though it is possible to lose inches in the matter of minutes, this loss is only temporary, just for a day or two. The ONLY way to shrink or get rid of body fat is to either suck them out (liposuction) or don’t feed them (no excess amount of calories) . Plain and simple! Okay, so we still have the detox aspect. It is true certain wrapping techniques add eucalyptus, honey, green tea extract and other natural ingredients, which all are great for your skin (when applied) and body (when ingested)! But why spend the money?? Your local grocery store carries all those ‘special’ ingredients. Heck! Get fancy, save more money and visit the garden store and grow your own eucalyptus plant and tea leafs and have a life time of supply. However, no matter how much you coat your body with these components, it is not a real detox. A detox is something that flushes out the organs inside your body; liver, kidney and digestive tract. There’s no way slathering your body and wrapping it with plastic is going to pull out that much toxins that your organs are going to be affected. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to knock body wraps out completely. If you are a model or have a special event to attend and need to get into the slim fitting dress, by all means wrap ’em up! But at the end of the day, nothing can take the place of fitness. Eating right and exercising will always be the solution to an healthy lifestyle. http://www.webmd.com/beauty/spa/body-wraps-what-to-expect


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