Rockin Abs!

Need a quick and easy ab routine? Well, I got one just for you!

In the evening while watching TV, I try to do this routine during the commercial breaks. I don’t always have time or the opportunity to make it to the gym so having a series of home workouts is important to me.

Core strength is important to your everyday life. Not only does a strong core help you look thinner, it helps with balance and posture. Both balance and posture are helpful in other workouts to aid in maintaining the correct form and preventing certain injuries. Your abdominal and oblique muscles are made of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which means, STOP doing 100 crunches or sit ups! That will not give you the definition or results you are trying to reach. High intensity and a variety of exercise will result in that slimmer waist, meaning, mix it up!  But do remember the best abs are made in the kitchen. Reduce meal/portion size and increase frequency of eating. Try to add fat fighting snacks throughout the day, such as, high fiber foods (legumes and nuts, whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables), those green leafy vegetables (the darker the better) and a cup of green tea a day.

And remember, ab day is EVERYDAY!


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