Are You Ready?? -21 Day Challenge

Over the past day or so, I’ve asked different people if they wanted to participate in a 21 day fitness challenge. The response was wonderful! I figure we can start the challenge this Monday, July 15, 2013.

The schedule is the following:  Monday: Lift, Tuesday: Cardio, Wednesday: Rest, Thursday: Lift, Friday: Cardio, Saturday: Lift, Sunday: Rest.  And we will do this 3 x, which will be the 21 days. It will be basically the same ‘lift’ exercises so you can track your progress. You may want to take your measurements (chest, waist, hips, etc) or weight on Sunday and write it down.

I know for me I’ve started many ‘challenges’ or workout regiments that I did not complete because I did not have any accountability. So this is what I figure, everyday I will post what the day entails. Every ‘lift’ day I will host a Google Hangout at 7 pm and workout with anyone who needs it. On the majority of ‘cardio’ days I will have a Google Hangout but on the days that I run on the treadmill or outside, I will just sent a reminder. For anyone who wants to participate, send me your contact information below, hopefully you have Google or Google+. We can all keep each other focused and on task. Also, on the rest days I will post different recipes and stretching techniques or answer any questions anyone may have. I think I have to say this just to cover myself..please make sure you have a doctor’s clearance before you start any workout. I DO NOT suggest you start any radical diets and remember to drink plenty of water.


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