Cardio! -21 Day Challenge

Day 2! Today is cardio day! Woot! Woot! I will not be doing a Google Hangout today. However, the cardio routine is easy and simple. It’s a jog, walk, sprint. Depending on your level of fitness you can either do each part either 30 seconds or 1 minute, it’s up to you. For example, jog for 1 minute, walk for 30 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds. The most important part is the sprint, push yourself hard for those 30 seconds. Also, make sure the walking portion is no more than 30 seconds. Keep your heart rate up. You can either run outside, or use equipment; bike, elliptical, treadmill, stair master or ski glider. All together the workout should be about 30 minutes. Here’s a little funny clip to make your day: <<—- this is how I feel when I run!


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