Weekend Workout-21 Day Challenge

One of the hardest things to fit into my weekend schedule is a proper workout. It’s not that I am busy, I just want to get the most out of my weekend and sleeping in is so important! One thing I like about the workout I made for the 21 day challenge is it can be done any where.  Today, I went to an outdoor wine festival. I couldn’t stay long because it was WAY TOO HOT outside, but I know I can come home, take a nap and still get a workout in, maybe two. Actually, I will get at least two in. The whole entire routine takes less than 15 minutes and is meant to be done at least 2 times; add the rockin ab routine and it’s a 30 minute workout! Though this challenge is meant to be done with your everyday workout, on your ‘off’ days you can still get something done. So, right before you take your shower to go out, get your weekend workout on! Good luck!


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