drink me: petite sirah

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petite sirahThe heatwave is technically over but it’s still horribly humid, and for the past few days probably all you’ve been drinking is crisp whites and rosés. Summertime in general doesn’t tend to make people want to drink heavy reds, but summer also means Grill Time! And nothing goes better with some charred grilled red meat than Petite Sirah, so add it to your summer night repertoire.

PS was created by crossing Syrah with Peloursin. Despite it’s name, though, it’s anything but “petite” and light. It’s intense, inky (check out the stain in the legs in this pic!), bold, tannic, and – at its best – velvety and delicious. This is tough guy territory, the John Wayne of wines. Here are 5 good ones I had recently.

frank family 2010

quivira 2009

true grit 2008

pedroncelli 2008

line 39 2011

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