Just Keep Swimming-21 Day Challenge

Yesterday was cardio day and in all honesty I wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know what mood I was in, all I know is it took everything in me to put on my swimsuit and submerge myself in my pool. I can say, my biggest motivation to do it regardless of how I felt was you guys. I know that sounds stupid, as I did not know the majority of my blog followers personally. However, I want to say thank you. Thank you for keeping me honest and motivating me to continue a life of health and fitness. I truly believe it takes a strong support system to maintain this lifestyle. Part of me deciding to do this 21 day challenge was to help the people closest to me start or continue on their road to a full life.

Since on cardio day the routine consist of a ‘walk, jog, sprint’, clearly I had to change it up for swimming. The moment I jump in the pool I did not stop moving. I eased into the workout doing simple laps (mostly dog paddle and butterfly) and then working into a more organized swim practicing my breaststroke. For the sprint portion, I did a combination of all the strokes I know at full speed, giving everything. I attempted to do the length of the pool without coming up for a breath. I did the cycle for about 20 mins, doing only one full lap for the ‘walk’ portion, then completing 4 laps for ‘jog’ and ‘sprint’. For the last 10 minutes I actually attempted to run in the pool. Let me tell, the resistance is awesome! I could actually feel which muscle I was using to move my body. I could only stay in the shallow end, so I made an invisible circle and walked, jogged and sprinted like at the track. I really enjoyed this workout. I usually hate typical cardio, like running on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I rather walk on broken glass. Yes, it is that serious. Also, since I do suffer from shin splints running on hard surfaces brings on excruciating pain. So coming up with alternative cardio exercises is a must! Though, I will always continue to do some sort of walking/running, giving my joints a break is such a necessity.

Today is a rest day. Don’t let these days pass in vain! It is a perfect time to plan your meals for the rest of the week or get in a good stretch. I hope your journey thus far has been rewarding. Good luck!


Quick and easy stretch to do in the morning!


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