What You Working With?

Ladies! Yes, I started with that… The next few weeks, maybe months, I will be dedicating my blog to us women. Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge, especially when juggling kids, careers and a ‘hollywood’ expectation. I originally thought I would just dive into different workouts geared towards women, in retrospect, I realized that wouldn’t be such a good idea. What workout or exercise would be all inclusive enough to reach every women and get the same results. So I’ve decided to break it down based on body shapes. We all come in sooo many different shapes and sizes, what might work for me is not guaranteed to give the same exact results in someone else. Yes, working out in any capacity is great! Whether you are just going for a walk or switching out  those fries with a healthy salad, any progress is good progress. But knowing your body and what exercises to do not only will give you better results but will help with executing better nutritional goals.

During my research I have come up with 6 different body types. Yeah, 6! I always assumed there were 3 different body types; top heavy, bottom heavy and hourglass.  But boy, I have gotten it so wrong. Here are the 6 different shapes.  There is the Hourglass; pretty straight forward, the bust and hips are about the same size and the waist is tapered off perfectly. Their bodies gain and lose weight evenly. The and shape are basically the same shape but reversed. ‘A’ shape women are heavy at the bottom, their bodies tend gainly mostly in their hips and butt area leaving their waist and bust measurably smaller. As in with the ‘V’ shaped woman, her shoulders and bust are the biggest part of her body, usually leaving the waist and legs the smallest area. Now, the H frame and the Ruler are fairly new to me. Both of these body types are essentially the same. The ‘H’ frame tends to be a larger woman but her body measures the same from top to bottom, think Principle Agatha Truchbull from Matilda. The Ruler, just as the ‘H’ shape, is a straight up and down, the difference is these women are naturally thin. They tend to rarely gain weight and normally remain skinny throughout life, even with efforts to gain. The last shape is the AppleWomen with this shape tend to have an average or slightly larger bust but typical gain weight in their midsection, leaving their legs obviously smaller than the rest of their body.

There may be some debate on whether these are the body shapes that are set in stone, however, these are the ones I will base the workouts from. While reading up on these workouts in weeks to come, be real with what shape you are. This is the best quiz I’ve come up with to explain the different body shapes. Ignore the medical terms used and just use the discriptions to figure out your body type. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm Hopefully I find some time to post again today. As always, good luck!


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