See You Gotta Work It Out!

In the previous post I discussed the different body shapes of women and posted a link to find out your body type. In this post I will discuss what cardio exercise will complement your bodies the best depending on your shape.  For those who know me, know how much I loathe cardio, but it still pays a significant part in any workout regimen. Cardiovascular exercises increase metabolism, balances out hormone levels, improves heart health, manages diseases such as diabetes and decreases recovery time after a long/hard lifting session.  It’s all about switching it up, the more you keep your body guessing the better the results. I will also list the cardio exercises that may have a ‘negative’ effect on your body, meaning drawing attention to the not so flattering portions.

Body Shape Cardio Do’s Cardio Don’ts


Any type of cardio, switching it up every few weeks Too much of anything my cause dramatic/unwanted weight loss


Lots of running, cycling, elliptical Stair stepper or any high inclines. Don’t want to bulk up legs


Stair stepper, treadmill on incline Elliptical, biking or running on flat surface will thin out legs too much

H Frame

Trimming upper and lower body; row machine, elliptical (using moveable handlebars) Concentrating on one part of the body, neglecting the other


Kept to a minimum, resistance must important Too much cardio cause frail looking body


Must do cardio, overall weight loss is the goal Avoid elliptical to prevent thinning out the legs

The next post will be about weightlifting and resistance training. Whenever losing fat, it is so important to build muscle in it’s place (which I will talk about more later). Good luck incorporating cardio do’s into your workouts.


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