Is Lift The New Fit?

LADIES! Lift something!

Yes, that’s right. Stop running on the treadmill or riding that stationary bike for hours. Go try out those free weights.

I know, I know, you don’t want to look like this: muscular-woman1 But the likelihood of that is slim to none! What those ladies have to go through, steroids, to get that muscular is not natural. Lifting has so many benefits for us women. Besides the obvious reasons of looking and feeling good, women who lift weights tend to not only lose fat faster but keep those extra pounds off long-term. Yes, it is true while actively doing a cardiovascular exercise you will burn more calories than actively lifting, however, once the cardio exercise is done it has little to no effect on your resting metabolism rate (RMR).  Building muscle mass and definition increases RMR tenfold. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest! Who doesn’t want that?? I know for me personally, I am all about eating. So I know the more I lift the more calories I can consume a day without fat gain. Yeah, I know that’s just me, can’t deny that isn’t a great benefit though. But wait, there is another benefit that I know all women will love. Check this out, studies show that the more dumbbells curls and leg presses us women do the easier it is to lose belly fat! I posted a poll on here a few weeks ago and the number one concern areas for us women to lose fat or tone was the abdomen area. Though, it is impossible to “spot” lose, weight training helps reduce the amount of visceral fat (fat around your organs) which give women that pudge. I mean, there are no negative effects of lifting! The list goes on, increase digestive tract health (higher the metabolism easier to get rid of waste), better posture and less injury while doing day-to-day activities.  So lift is definitely the new fit! Go out and lift somethings! Next post I will delve into resistance and weight training based on body shape. Also, eventually I will put it all together for the perfect HIIT workout routine!  Good luck and Godspeed!

stero type


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