Week 2- No Fast Food

So week 2 of our challenge has started (http://wp.me/p3DwIK-54).  Personally, no fast food really isn’t hard for me, I work from home and can not leave during the day. The key to avoiding the temptation of fast food is preparation, preparation preparation! Pack your meals, snacks and beverages! And pack a lot! Enough to get you through the day. That little salad you packed for lunch to eat at noon is not going to get you through the rest of your work day! What works for me, is cooking a whole bunch of food (or at least my meats) in the beginning of the work and put them in containers immediately. Now you have meals for the week that are already proportioned and ready to eat. And you will definitely save money. Fast food may be more convenient but it will break your pockets. If you’re not sure if the food you are about to buy is considered fast food, then it is! So good luck everyone! Remember it’s a marathon not a race. Little changes here and there will make a big difference in the long term!

fast food not cheap


Eat More Fruit!

Eat More Fruit!

Starting the day with carbohydrates is very important to me. I am a former coffee/caffeine addict and I need that extra boost in the morning. Though well rounded meals are important, I add an extra piece of fruit to help wake me up. Morning is the best time to get those simple carbs in, you have all day to burn them off!

Ten things not to say to a pregnant woman

LOL! Great read! I’ll think twice before I talk to a pregnant lady.

Is This Thing On?

1. “I knew it!”

Even if you did know it, please pass on the opportunity to tout your psychic abilities (or your weird  claim that you unconsciously  smelled my pheromones.  ew).  When women say this, it usually means that they noticed your waist got a little bigger, or as one woman told me, “you had the waddle.” If it’s a man telling you this, then he might as well just say “Boobs,” because that’s what he noticed.    I promise.

2.  Any version of that horrific birth story you heard/witnessed/experienced

Just don’t.  Even if you think you are going to save your pregnant friend from pure disaster by recommending that she skip the epidural, or run screaming from the birth center, you won’t.  Chances are she has read all the horror stories and is staying awake at night thinking of them.  But as soon as you tell her those stories…

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