Week 2- No Fast Food

So week 2 of our challenge has started (http://wp.me/p3DwIK-54).  Personally, no fast food really isn’t hard for me, I work from home and can not leave during the day. The key to avoiding the temptation of fast food is preparation, preparation preparation! Pack your meals, snacks and beverages! And pack a lot! Enough to get you through the day. That little salad you packed for lunch to eat at noon is not going to get you through the rest of your work day! What works for me, is cooking a whole bunch of food (or at least my meats) in the beginning of the work and put them in containers immediately. Now you have meals for the week that are already proportioned and ready to eat. And you will definitely save money. Fast food may be more convenient but it will break your pockets. If you’re not sure if the food you are about to buy is considered fast food, then it is! So good luck everyone! Remember it’s a marathon not a race. Little changes here and there will make a big difference in the long term!

fast food not cheap


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