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Stop doing juice cleanses, and 6 other dieting habits you should just quit already

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Canadian Thanksgiving.

The Vulgar Chef

A little late with this one since I’ve been on a fucking bender all week celebrating.

Roasted Potato Poutine w/ Pot Roast, bacon, parmesan cheese.

I basically just roasted the potatoes first, and then topped that masterpiece off with everything else and tossed that bitch back in for about 10 minutes. (400°)



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The 100 Push Ups Challenge ~ Week 4

Awesome Åshild

I’ve got a confession to make! I forgot(!!) to do my push ups on Wednesday! How is that even possible? I ran out the door in the morning (without breakfast) and as the day went on it just never occurred to me that I was meant to do push ups at some point. I just realised today when I saw in my calendar PU W4D1 and I thought ‘where did W3D3 go??’! So there you go, I am lagging one day behind and I am feeling weak (or actually I am feeling a lot stronger than I did last time I talked about pushups and cycles and hormones, things are moving forward!).

Anyway, today is meant to be Day 1, Week 4 of the 100 Push Ups Challenge! You keep going as last week, picking the same column as last week. And then towards the end of this week we…

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Healthy benefits of broccoli



    Hey everyone, 

  Today I would like to talk a bit about one of the loveliest kinds of vegetables namely broccoli. This vegetable is low in calories containing dozens of nutrients and vitamins: C and A (beta-carotene), calcium, fiber and folic acid. 

  As a calcium source, broccoli is good for people that don’t eat dairy products. It is great for strong bones and osteoporosis prevention. Further, it  controls high blood pressure due to high amount of both calcium and magnesium.

 As a good source of Vitamin A (beta-carotene) and C,  it boosts immune system with a large dosage of beta carotene strengthening immune defense functions reducing risks of numerous conditions including such eye problem as cataracts, some heart diseases and different kinds of cancer. Moreover, thanks to Vitamin C, broccoli is good for commond cold situations since it helps to improve overall health due to fighting with free…

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Spicy Sausage, Mixed Bean and Feta Cheese Wraps

This looks too good! I’m making it tonight!

Homemade With Mess

It has been a long time since I have posted a wrap recipe so it may not be too obvious that they are one of my major food addictions. You also may not know that I have at least three wraps a week, but this is at work so I manage to keep it well hidden. Where I work have an on-line deli ordering service, where if I am honest there is not a vast selection of fillings and they are not particularly adventurous or exciting, so I do often crave them at home too. This combination, I have to say, is particularly delicious (modesty is not my forte). I have mentioned before that it is mine and Sam’s dream to open our own café and this recipe will most certainly be on the menu. It is zingy, spicy, and full of rich sausagy flavours; and let’s face it who…

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