Today’s Workout: HIIT Cardio Day

Nyc Fit Food Fashion!

Today I will be doing a HIIT cardio workout. I will be keeping track of my heart rate though. Normally I would go as hard as I can for 60 seconds and slow down 50% for 90 seconds. I will see how this goes given I am in my 14th week of pregnancy! Lately it has been very difficult to go as hard as I would like to.  I will be using the treadmill today for my HIIT routine. The set will start with a warm up for 5 minutes. For the warm up I will walk at 3mph on an incline of 2%. The rest of the routine will be 90 seconds 3.5mph then 6mph for 60 seconds. I will repeat this for 50 minutes then end with a cool down at 2.5mph. I hope some of you will join me today! What workout are you going to do??

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