10 Things Americans Waste Money On – daveramsey.com

I know my blog is about fitness and health. But this is still a great list. Organizing your life and your money is key to living healthy. The number one cause of stress in America is money.
Stress does so much harm to our bodies; causes us to over eat, pick unhealthy food choices and release stress hormones which all cause weight gain. Let’s get our wallets in order and then we can show off those skinny jeans we can finally fit in! http://a248.e.akamai.net/f/1611/26335/9h/dramsey.download.akamai.com/23572/html/blog/10-things-americans-waste-money-on


2 thoughts on “10 Things Americans Waste Money On – daveramsey.com

  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing Dave’s list.

  2. Good info and I totally agree with #10. Why would anyone want to spend 2 to 6 dollars for a cup of coffee every day? I can understand now and then, but every day, give me a break!!

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