Week 3- White Is Wrong

Week 3- White Is Wrong

Okay, that may be a terrible title for this week, but I like to catch my readers attention! Getting rid of those bleached grains can propose a problem for most Americans. Who doesn’t like a muffin with their coffee in the morning or a big bowl of pasta for dinner? And I know the first time I cooked whole wheat pasta it was as tough as nails! Yuck! Now, I actually really don’t eat much pasta and the whole wheat isn’t all that bad The suggested serving of grain is at minimum 6 a day. No worries, the way we eat, achieving 6 servings a day is not hard at all! When was the last time you ate an one slice of bread sandwich? Or only 1/2 cup of cereal for breakfast? It really is about choosing the healthier grains than ingesting the correct amount. Personally, my diet doesn’t have to be incredibly diverse, I can eat the same bowl of oatmeal every day. But for those who need to switch it up, here are some suggestions. I hope everyone is moving along nicely with this cleanse challenge. And as always, good luck!


3 thoughts on “Week 3- White Is Wrong

  1. Good stuff!! I only use 100% Whole Wheat bread and to me it taste better than white bread.

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