Chapter 7 – Functional Assessments: Posture, Movement, Core, Balance, and Flexibility

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1. Why Should postural assessments be conducted in addition to movement screens?


Movement operates from a static base of alignment of the body segments, which is commonly referred to as posture. Since movement originates from this base, a postural assessment should be conducted to evaluate body-segment alignment in addition to movement screens that evaluate how posture, both good and bad, impacts the ability to move.


2. Define “good posture”


That state of musculoskeletal alignment and balance that allows muscles, joints, and nerves to function efficiently.


3. List the correctible and non correctible factors that may contribute to muscle imbalances and postural deviations.


a. Correctible: Repetitive movements; awkward positions and movements; side dominance; lack of joint stability; lack of joint mobility; imbalanced strength-training programs


b. Non-correctible: Congenital conditions; some pathologies; structural deviations; certain types of trauma


4. How might a…

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